George Evans Nti – Boakye is a passionate leader and he believes that ‘everyone can be a Leader, but not everyone can be a Good Leader. You need not to be appointed or elected before you call yourself a Leader. Once you are able to manage your own affairs very well, then, you are a Leader - But if you are able to manage your affairs very well and impart into people’s lives, then you are a Good Leader’. He is an Entrepreneur whose passion is to motivate and encourage people to set up their own business. He is very passionate and a committed leader who seeks to impart people with knowledge, ideas and strategies that will empower them to take a good change of their lives. He is a Conference Speaker, a Leadership Coach, Event manager, Consultant and a Teacher. He is the CEO of GEVANSKO ENTERPRISE. George Evans Nti – Boakye is currently serving as the YPG Superintendent of the Central Presbytery and Superintendent Rep on the National YPG Council. District: KASOA Local: Bethel Congregation- Down Town. My duties as the Superintendent Rep, as clearly stated in the YPG Constitution, Article 11.7 1. Assit. the National Guild Executive Committee in the performance of its functions. 2. Deputize for the National President in His/her absence. 3. Perform any other functions as may be directed by the National Guild Executive Committee, the National Guild Council or the National Guild Delegates’ Conference.


I am a very passionate YOUTH Advocate as I believe that the youth should be given platforms in every aspect of our society and the Church especially. I take charge of second cycle and Tertiary schools where we have NUPS-G. I undertake Baptisms, confirmation, communion services, counselling sessions among others. I am married with beautiful and sweet daughter. Currently, the Coordinators' Representative on the National Executive Committee of the YPG.


Bro. Ezekiel Teye Nartey Adjorlolo, was born on the 25th May 1993 at Odumase - Krobo in the Eastern Region of Ghana. He is the last born of five (5) siblings. Ezekiel is the National Guild President and also serving as the Male Youth Rep on the General Assembly Council Prior to his election into the high office of the National President of the Young People’s Guild (YPG), he was serving as the National Youth Male Representative on the Department of Mission and Evangelism, specifically the Committee on Specialized Ministry. Ezekiel has a high level of interest in guiding, supporting and imparting young people in their Christian life, personal, social and educational development. His dedication to the Youth Ministry of the Church and his quest to seek the lost souls is extremely remarkable. He worships with the Zimmermann Congregation in the Odumase - Krobo District in the Dangme - Tongu Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, where he was serving as the Branch President of the YPG before his election as the National President. Ezekiel has also served remarkably in various capacities of the Church such as: NUPS-G Schools’ Coordinator at the Presbyterian College of Education Sub-coordinating Branch (2014 - 2015), District Evangelism Secretary of Odumase - Krobo District YPG (2015 - 2018) Based on his gracious skills in the Sign language, he established NUPS-G at Mampong Technical and Secondary School for the Deaf, Mampong Akuapem, making him the first in history of the Union to send individuals who are hearing and visually impaired to a NUPS-G National Congress which was held at Adisadel College in 2016 under the Chairmanship of Mr. Alfred Appiah, the then NUPS-G National President. He was also appointed as the National Coordinator of Special Schools in the NUPS-G. Ezekiel attended the Presbyterian College of Eduacation, Akropong-Akuapem. He is a Professional Teacher and currently teaching at the Mount Mary College of Education Basic in Somanya. His Humility, commitment to work, good communication skills, ability to adapt easily to changing environment, an agreeable interpersonal relationship skills and a pleasing temperament are virtues that will undoubtedly play crucial roles during his three-year tenure. "I feel pretty humbled to have been given this great opportunity to serve God in this capacity [as YPG National President]. I consider it a loaded assignment which demands the grace of God to respond urgently to the need of ensuring that all these young people including those outside the Church will be exposed to the Will of God and be completely equipped to do it," Bro. Ezekiel said. He expressed profound gratitude to God and thanked the outgoing National Executive Committee for availing themselves to be used by God. Having been called into this [leadership position] by God through all Guilders, I consider it a debt that I owe all Guilders, especially for their love and trust...then ultimately, TO THE GLORY OF GOD.

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